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Sydney : les DK's Boys, un gang libanais sanguinaire dirigé successivement par deux Maronites

End of a violent era
Les Kennedy
May 9, 2010

The last chapter is about to be written in the bloody tale of ''DK's Boys'' - the drug gang that killed its own boss, Danny Karam.

It could have gone on to rule Kings Cross had it not self-combusted in a gunfight with police in a tennis court at White City in December, 1998. Its new leader, Michael Kanaan, was badly wounded.

On May 28 Saleh Jamal, 35, will be sentenced in Parramatta District Court as the only gang member to be prosecuted over the infamous drive-by shooting at Lakemba police station in November 1998.

Originally Kanaan was also charged over the attack in which bullets from semi-automatic pistols passed through the station's foyer window, narrowly missing five officers. One round struck a computer screen on the front counter but the case against Kanaan was dropped.

Jamal fled to Lebanon, where he was subsequently arrested and jailed for passport and terrorism offences.

In October 2006 he was extradited to Sydney, where he was convicted, with Kanaan, for shooting a man at Greenacre in 1998. Last November Jamal was found guilty of shooting with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to officers at the Lakemba police station.

Kanaan is in Goulburn jail's Supermax, serving three terms of life plus 50 years for killing Karam and the murders in July 1998, of Adam Wright, 23, Michael Hurle, 24, and the attempted murder of a third man at Five Dock.

Before Karam's ambush murder by his own drug runners outside a Surry Hills gang safe house in December, 1998, Kanaan was alleged by police in court to have led the gang in two other drive-by shootings - on the EP1 night club in Kings Cross (formerly The Tunnel - then promoted by John Ibrahim), and a shoot-up of Eveleigh Street, Redfern.

Those charges against him and other gang members were later dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

After the White City shoot-out, police alleged in court that ''DK's Boys'' were involved in a war with a rival Kings Cross crime syndicate.

Police alleged Kanaan and two other gang members set out that night to kill Ibrahim's long-term lieutenant, ''Tongan'' Sam Ngata, as a ruse make other drug figures think Ngata murdered their boss.
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La biographie du meurtrier maronite Michael Kanaan (successeur de Danny Karam, fondateur maronite du gang en question) :