vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Le général Daoud Rajha, un boucher chrétien-orthodoxe aux ordres de Bachar el-Assad

Dawoud Rajiha
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General Dawoud Rajiha (Arabic: داوود راجحة‎), forename sometimes transliterated Dawood or Daoud, surname sometimes transliterated Rajha, is the Minister of Defense of the Syrian Arab Republic and a former chief of staff of the Syrian Arab Army.

Rajiha, a Greek Orthodox Christian,[2] was born in Damascus, the Syrian capital, in 1947. He was an artillery specialist in the military academy, from which he graduated in 1967. He attained the rank of lieutenant general in 1998 and made full general in 2005, a year after being made deputy chief of staff of the Syrian Army. After serving as the army chief of staff since Ali Habib Mahmud was named to head the Ministry of Defense in 2009, he was appointed to replace Mahmud as defense minister on 8 August 2011,[1] during the 2011 Syrian uprising.[2]
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