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Le meurtrier de masse John Zawahri : un Arabe chrétien

June 10, 2013, - 11:24 am
John Zawahri: Santa Monica Mass-Murderer Was Arab Christian Son of Lebanese Immigrants; 2nd Arab Immigrant Mass Murder in CA in ’13

By Debbie Schlussel

Over the weekend, when the name of the Santa Monica murderer of five was released, I received plenty of e-mails from readers and friends asking me about John Zawahri. He murdered five people, including his brother Chris and his father, Samir “Sam” Zawahri, and injured several others. Yes, they were Arabs. No, they were not Muslim. They were Christians, and his parents, Samir Zawahri and Randa Abdou, were immigrants from Lebanon. What struck me is that this is the second such rampage by the kid of an Arab immigrant family in California, this year. In March, I wrote about Muslim Ali Syed of Orange County, who went on a jihadist rampage, shooting and murdering three innocent people not related to him and wounding several others. Like Zawahri, he also was a 20-something ex-student who was excused as “mentally disturbed.” Um, yeah, “mentally disturbed while Arab,” or as I call it, “the halal twinkie defense.”

Whether they are Christian or Muslim, this is the culture of the Arab Middle East. They are violent and don’t settle things peacefully and civilly. It’s “in the blood.” As I’ve frequently noted on this site, Egyptian Copts (also Christians) are extremely violent and bloody and led Muslims in pogroms against Jews in Egypt. The Copts and the Greek and Syrian Orthodox were helping HAMAS and Hezbollah. That’s their “brethren.”

And when we bring more and more of these Arab immigrants to this country, we cannot be surprised when more and more innocents are murdered by them. They bring their backward culture, backward mores, and backward way of dealing with problems to this country. And since we make no effort whatsoever to force them to civilize and absorb into American society (instead, we bend over backward because we’re “not supposed to judge”), we will have more and more of this.

Undue “conservative” Faux-Hero/Genuine Crook, Congressman Darrell Issa, is a great example of this. His Syrian Orthodox family came here from Lebanon, and he led a life of crime–arson (the two police investigators mysteriously died), multiple car thefts (including from fellow soldiers), going AWOL, fraud, stealing (including the company that made him a multi-millionaire and many patents of others)–to get where he is. To say so isn’t a “smear,” as far too many blind, partisan “conservatives” vomited, when Obama supporters rightly brought it up. It’s the truth. And Issa–a self-proclaimed Christian–embraced Arafat, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s their culture–yes, usually EVEN if they are Christian. And it’s Issa’s culture. Arab culture. Violence, murder, and other crime is their way.

That’s how it goes in Lebanon, and that’s how it goes when they come here. To ignore that or make excuses or dismiss this as bigotry is to be an idiot wearing a hat and mask of sand. More:

    The killer was connected to a home that went up in flames after the first shootings, said police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks. SWAT team officers searched the shooter’s mother’s Los Angeles apartment and officers interviewed neighbors about the son who lived with her, said Beverly Meadows who lives in the adjoining unit.

    Public records show that Meadows’ neighbor is Randa Abdou, 54, the ex-wife of Samir Zawahri and former co-owner of the house where the first shooting took place. Abdou was out of the country visiting relatives and wasn’t expected home for another week, Meadows said. It wasn’t clear if the son who lived with Abdou was a victim or the suspected gunman.

    The elder Zawahri, 55 and of Lebanese descent, brought his family to the neighborhood of small homes and apartment buildings tucked up against Interstate 10 in the mid-1990s, according to property records.

Like I said, the more we bend over backward to accept immigrants from the Arab Middle East, the more America will be subject to their violent ways. Marco Boob-io’s amnesty will only make it worse. Good luck with that, America.

The days of Danny Thomas-esque Arabs coming to America are over. Long over.
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